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να έιναι ανοικτές συλλογικότητες, δηλαδή να υπάρχουν καθορισμένοι χώροι και ημερομηνίες για συνελεύσεις για οποιον θέλει να συμμετάσχει στην λήψη αποφάσεων που σχετιζεται με την διαχείριση του μέσου

"Cyprus wants to possess a trilingual IndyMedia Web page where persons can publish freely and overtly inside the Hellenic, Turkish and English languages - while in the type of Open Publishing that IndyMedia is noted for inside the politicized radical and alternative Local community because the start of the 10 years. We are certainly upset and disrupted with The point that Open Publishing is not possible at the moment..."

o- We arranged for the kid a political refugee (asylum seeker) to get a surgical operation for free from a volunteer health practitioner.

Trip-share firms embrace election frenzy Experience-share firms are capitalizing on voter enthusiasm forward of Tuesday's midterm elections by supplying totally free or discounted rides towards the polls in...

και ο οποίος δεν με απασχολεί ως ανθρωπος αλλά ως πολιτικό ον για τις πολιτικές του απόψεις και μόνο

It turned out that our Investigation was suitable, because by exactly the same time subsequent year, the fascists had doubled the quantities in their users and of those ready to occur out in public to march under their despicable banners AND for the first time you will discover now members of the public applauding them!

Is there a person using a confront, identify and handle who can appear forward and substantiate any of the accusations versus us? Anyone accused incorporates a suitable to encounter their accusers, and to listen to the evidence of the charges. Who are they? Where is the proof?

την γνώμη μου την εγραψα πεντακάθαρα και είναι πιο πάνω

από ποιους ακριβώς θα βρεθούν αυτοί οι καλύτεροι θεσμοί και λειτουργίες που θα το αντικαταστήσουν δηλαδή αυτοοργανωμένες κοινότητες;

Component of IndyMedia's legacy is the fact indymedia should "not be owned or managed by Anybody team", which can be Section of The main reason that our organization embraces progressive and radical people today of all types, including Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Feminists and Greens of assorted ethnic and cultural origins and of the multitude of identities when it comes to sexual, gender, linguistic and religion orientations.

ναι πράγματι οι διαχειριστές του καρτας με τις καρέκλες και τα τραπέζια και την φωτοτυπική που τους έδωσε η undp

"Ο Αναρχικός Πυρήνας Κύπρου τότε read more εν είσιεν οίκημα τζιαι ήταν σε κατάσταση αποδιοργάνωσης. Έτσι η ίδρυση του Καρτάς έδωσεν του τη δυνατότητα να επανασυγκροτηθεί, ως βασικά Λευκωσιάτικη κίνηση.

The US/United kingdom-led coalition attacked us by ordering The federal government of Cyprus to start an illegal investigation from us; the Police claimed they ended up exploring whether or not we represent a "Risk to US pursuits":

Cyprus IMC is attacking anti-fascist anti-nationalist steps towards ELAM (greek nationalists team in cyprus). It supports and idenfities While using the nationalists about deportation of immigrants.

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